Deciding The Right Color Of Eye Shadow

Selecting the right eye shadow is one of the trickiest tasks. You have to do something that makes you look amazing and adorable. While applying eye shadow, you want to build in the sense of confidence, and that can only be done if you select perfect colors according to your skin tone, shade color, and shape.

An understanding of the color theory is very important to understand how to purchase the perfect eye palate. Consider the following steps before choosing the color palate:

1)    Skin Tone.

2)    Eye Color.

3)    Hair Color.

  1. Skin Tone

Your skin tone can either be cool or very warm. You will find this very interesting. What you have to do is to check your veins. Veins mostly appear to be blue in color. The color of our veins is blue naturally, so a person with yellowish tone skin will have veins that appear green in color. A pink skin tone will have veins that appear violet. If you have a warmer tone of skin, a warmer color of eye shadow will give a very natural look. However, if your tone is cool, enough then any of the either cool colors will give a natural look.

  1. Eye Color

Eye color is extremely important to select a palate. For different eye colors following are a few suggestions to help you out in choosing the perfect eye color:

  • Blue eyes: One should look what attracts opposite to blue. If you have blue eyes, you should always select colors in shades of orange, yellow, red, peach gold, and cooper. To give a more delicate look try applying green, violet, purple, plum and olive.
  • Green eyes: One of the most rare and tricky eye colors is the green eye color which looks stunning when applied with shades of lavender, red, violet, plum, bronze and gray.
  • Brown Hazel eyes: Most common eye color found around is the brown hazel eye color which can be mixed and matched with a variety of colors but most widely used are shades of copper, charcoal, and amber.
  1. Hair Color

Interestingly your hair color plays a vital role in deciding your eye shadow. For a variety of hair colors, different eye shadows are applied.

  • Black/ Brown – For women who have black and brown hairs; they should choose between shades of brown, purple and black. To get a very natural look, they should better select: very light colors of green and yellow.
  • Blonde – People with blonde hair tend to have fair skin so it would look awesome if they apply colors of orange, pink and violet.
  • Red – A very rare and makeup industry shade looks awesome with different shades of green.

Things to Note

  • As your eyes are very sensitive and precious part of the face so do not rush to avoid hurting them.
  • Always buy the palate from a good company.
  • Buy one good palate in six months instead of buying ten palates in a month.
  • Make you are you keep your palate at room temperature.
  • Use gentle brush from an excellent makeup brand; getting and expensive palate along with low-quality brushes is not a good option.

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